A bit of background

Last summer I joined 200 other cyclists racing The Transcontinental (TCR) across Europe from Brussels to Istanbul. The objective: starting at midnight on July 24, cycle 2,500+ miles and 120,000+ feet of elevation along your route of choice through four predefined checkpoints, and arrive at a Turkish fortress on the Bosphorus in as little total time as possible, without receiving help from anyone. No rest days, solo, unsupported.

Between summiting Mont Ventoux in southern France, skidding gravel turns on the Colle delle Finestre in the Italian Alps, and outpacing cyclist chasing dogs in the Balkans, 24 straight days of cycling across ten countries introduced me to a new level of adventure. I signed up for the Transcontinental to push personal limits and arrive at some new level of understanding about myself and the world. With a few weeks of post-race reflection under my belt, I can confirm that the TCR delivered.

A special thanks to everyone who showed support on social media to get me through the hardest days of the trip, and a big high-five to all those who got involved with our campaign to transform lives with the power of bikes through World Bicycle Relief.

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