Post #1: Training in Boulder

One thing I know for sure is that when your friend with a professional background in photography and television comes to visit, you get him to tail your bike in a Volkswagen with a camera taped to a Swiffer pole hanging out the window, and you see what happens. Following a full morning of filming on the outskirts of Boulder, we’ve got three video shorts celebrating cycling and World Bicycle Relief, a remarkable organization tackling problems in education, health, and commerce in developing countries through the power of bicycles.

Generous contributions to our World Bicycle Relief campaign have already amounted to over 17 new Buffalo bikes, each of which will change a life — and indirectly impact many more. Thank you in advance for spreading the word to friends/family/colleagues who would be interested in getting involved.


My training in the foothills of the Rockies has now come to a close (long mountainous rides punctuated by extended iced coffee breaks), so all that separates me from the starting line to this year’s Transcontinental is a few days of final preparations in London and a train ride beneath the English Channel. Though internet access may be difficult to come by once the race begins at midnight this Friday, I’ll be posting anguished selfies occasional updates on Facebook and Instagram followed by a more comprehensive retrospective after the event (editor’s note: you’re reading it!).

Thank you all for the support!

Post #1: Training in Boulder